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Today 4X has Caterpillar® sidebooms stationed at most of its divisions around the United States. Our sidebooms include the Caterpillar® 572 and the Caterpillar® 583.


The sideboom is used for Mechanical / Railroad ServicesTrack Maintenance / Maintenance of Way / Engineering ServicesTransfer / Load Adjustment ServicesMaintenance Services and Disaster Response.


4X’s sidebooms are customized for work in railroad environments. They have been fitted with a rear winch to provide towing capability of 60 tons or more. They are equipped with cutting torches and all the cables, chains, hooks and tools necessary to respond to any derailment situation. Many 4X sidebooms even have padded tracks to prevent damage to ties, rail, asphalt and concrete, perfect for working in rail yards and on the right-of-way. Other 4X sidebooms have steel tracks for greater traction and mobility in mud and snow.


Some services our Caterpillar® sidebooms are used for include:

  • loading, unloading and installing track panel

  • installing diamonds, retarders and switches

  • derailment support

  • load-out and tie down services

  • wheel changes, idler changes and traction motor changes

  • hurricane, tornado and storm response

  • transportation / relocation

Sidebooms can be deployed independently or in conjunction with other 4X equipment, like the excavatorwheel loadertrack loader and dozer.


The sidebooms are maintained through 4X’s Preventative Mechanical Maintenance Program. This multi-layered, proactive system of inspections and servicing that ensures our sidebooms are trustworthy and ready to go to work when you need them.


Anyone who has worked with railroad contractors knows that the most important part of a sideboom is the operator. 4X operators are railroad specialists. They have received training in railroad applications, are current in safety and security certification requirements for all Class I railroads, and have spent years perfecting their craft in maintenance-of-way environments.With their extensive railroad experience, our operators can work seemlessly with your rail gangs.


4X Services pioneered the sideboom as a tool of the railroad contractor and has been the industry leader for derailment response and other sideboom services for more than 40 years.


When your project calls for sideboom support you can trust, call 4X today at 800-637-5471.


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