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Steel mill services include onsite logistics, semi-finished product dimensioning and scarfing, and the recycling of steelmaking by-products.

We specialize in processing steel slag, millscale, refractories, dusts, sludges, and also steelmaking flue gases, each of which relies on a different resource recovery technology.

  • Steel slag recycling
    Slag recycling and commercialization

  • Metal recovery
    High-yield metal recovery from slag

  • Dust and sludge processing
    Recycling the waste oxides generated as by-product of steelmaking.

  • Oily millscale sludge treatment
    Processing of oily millscale sludge to recover the metal from the waste

  • Scrap management
    Scrap yard management and scrap processing services

  • Ladle metallurgy services
    Ladle additives for metallurgical refining

  • Meltshop services
    Refractory tear-out, tap hole drilling and ladle lip cleaning services

  • Steel slab scarfing
    Services for defect removal from steel slabs

  • Steel cutting and slitting
    Dimensioning of semi-finished steel products

  • Product management
    Onsite logistics services for semi-finished steel products



Steel Mill Services
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