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Railroad projects require highly specialized equipment, engineered to perform very specific tasks, and our equipment is specifically designed or configured to perform all those unique services that are crucial for the railroads. This railroad equipment allows us to perform even the most unique railroad services. 

4X’s railroad equipment is specially configured for use on the right-of-way. Our grapple trucks, vacuum trucks and rotary dump trucks are equipped with hi-rail gear. Our sidebooms have been equipped to include winches for towing railcars and padded tracks. Excavators are equipped with a thumb attachment, expanding their capabilities for railroad support.


Side Booms

4X’s sidebooms are customized for work in railroad environments. They have been fitted with a rear winch to provide towing capability of 60 tons or more. They are equipped with cutting torches and all the cables, chains, hooks and tools necessary to respond to any derailment situation.

Many 4X sidebooms even have padded tracks to prevent damage to ties, rail, asphalt and concrete, perfect for working in rail yards and on the right-of-way. Other 4X sidebooms have steel tracks for greater traction and mobility in mud and snow.

Some services our Caterpillar® sidebooms are used for include:

  • loading, unloading and installing track panel

  • installing diamonds, retarders and switches

  • derailment support

  • load-out and tie down services

  • wheel changes, idler changes and traction motor changes

  • hurricane, tornado and storm response

  • transportation / relocation

Hi-Rail Grapple Trucks

Grapple Truck Fleet3.jpg
Grapple Truck Fleet5.jpg


Hi-Rail Vac Trucks