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At 4X Industrial Services we understand how vital safe access is to the development and maintenance of a production facility. We also know that road construction and maintenance is one of the most expensive ongoing costs associated with oil and natural gas operations.

Our teams specialize in the construction of lease and access roads ensuring safe and stable entry to your site under various inclement conditions. Following the completed construction of the lease or access road, we clear debris and hazardous objects to ensure safe transportation conditions. Furthermore, when maintenance or repairs are needed on lease or access roads, our specialists respond quickly to the call in order to reinstate safe conditions to and from the production facility. 

Constructing access roads requires extensive excavation, equipment and professional expertise. That's why we put our know-how at your disposal and handle your large industrial road projects. With extensive experience in the field, we guarantee neat finishes.

Take advantage of our expertise to create roads that meet your requirements.

Rely on our professional team to successfully construct your lease roads on time. Our know-how and extensive experience enable us to realize your projects. We ensure the quality of our work using appropriate machines and equipment. We carefully study your requests to eventually offer the appropriate and effective solutions.



Access Road Services
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