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Retention ponds capture diverted stormwater runoff from impermeable surfaces such as streets, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and roofs. The flood volume held in a retaining pond reduces the impact on downstream stormwater systems.  We handle slope stabilization and repairs, and sediment and erosion control.

Our excavation services begin with a complete assessment, including an explanation of what needs to be done to prepare your new field for a more productive crop or export as needed. We then scoop the dirt out of the ditch and level it out in the field. This lowers the ground water table in the field so your crops won't drown.

We use a larger excavator with a special ditch cleaning bucket that leaves a smooth edge on the ditch for easier drainage. Our crew either levels out the dirt with a machine or use a bulldozer or scraper for larger jobs. We remove and dispose of brush, trees, and other debris from the ditch before we clean out the mud.


Pond & Cleaning Services
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