4X Industrial has all of your excavation needs taken care of.  We provide dirt construction needs from the oilfield to underground utilities.  4X offers GNSS-based control from Topcon Positioning Systems on our equipment.  Our projects once required us to manually stake out job sites.  Topcon technology has allowed us to lower costs while improving efficiency.  The technology allows us to create digital models making many of our projects virtually stakeless and exceptionally accurate.  We have used this technology to complete jobs such as ponds, diaries, and road paving projects.


We love affordable energy, and we also love the land.  Thats why oil pad and pipeline reclamation is an area we take great pride in.  Once the project is complete 4X will restore your drilling pad to its original appearance.  We offer complete reclamation services from gravel removal and smoothing to filling and reseeding.


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Greeley, CO 80631